Controversy = Progress

The media is buzzing with controversial stories about the pop-stars, that’s what sells. Nobody writes about Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Jones or other really talented actresses, who delighted the public with their great acting skills in the blockbusters which have won their permanent place in the ‘must-watch’ list of any film fanatic. But every tabloid, every magazine, online publication, blog has an article about Kim Kardashian. Even though an artist might have all it takes to shine on stage or on the screen, they will not make the headlines if there is no embarrassing story or picture about them which could be published.

That being said, I would say the best example of the fact that controversy and conflict can lead to positive outcomes is the story of the mum who wrote an article for Vogue describing how she put her 7-year-old daughter through a strict diet. She was described as ‘the most f****d up, selfish women to ever grace the magazine’s pages’ in an article on Jezebel. Pardon the language…

The opinions on the topic vary, and the quote below shows that some people can appreciate some of the aspects of the controversial confession.

‘I would argue that mothers like Weiss who are absolutely terrified of allowing their children to get fat are the norm, not the exception, in highly educated, affluent and largely obesity-immune communities. What is exceptional about Weiss is that she has had the honesty — and, arguably, the naive foolhardiness — to come clean about her demons.’ says Judith Warner in an article about the topic

But bottom line is, no matter how many opinions (majority of them negative) on the topic, Weiss, the mother in question, got a contract for writing a book on the subject. In the end, even though the article started some intense debates on the subject, the benefit of it was speaking freeky about the youth obesity matter that is a major issue in the US at the moment. And, as Warner said in the article quoted previously, people need to open their eyes to the matter and take action against it.

To conclude, I do believe that conflict which springs from opening up about a taboo subject such as this one can only lead to beneficial things. Because other mothers in the same situation will feel like they can come forward, ask for advice and get support.

But would you be the one to open up the debate about a delicate matter and start a controversy like Weiss?


3 comments on “Controversy = Progress

  1. The thing with journalists is that they seem to thrive on others misery, and anything slightly controversial will undoubtedly get their attention. Anything that shocks, and will create a strong public opinion will be featured heavily and in this case Weiss is a prime example of this. Great blog though well done!

  2. Well, to be honest I appreciate what Weiss did. My cousin used to be fat and children were making fun of her in kindergarden. And she wasn’t even healthy, because fat is not good for a young child. So her mother decided to put her on a strict diet with healthy food and no sweets. She lost weight, she looks brilliant and she is healthier and happier than ever. People have no right to judge without knowing all the details and journalists tend to do that a lot, just for attention.

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