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The pseudo-communication facilitated by social media

Whilst doing my dissertation research and interviewing PR professionals in UK and US regarding reactive vs. proactive PR, I came across an answer that surprised me, when it shouldn’t have. One interviewee expressed his opinion about social media, saying because of social media, brands can now communicate with their stakeholders. Now, this is something I’ve […]

Lions, dogs and magicians… Or why lying can be good

Today, I came across this article¬†about a lion that barks. No, it’s not an amazing specimen, it’s actually a dog.¬†I seriously giggled, particularly when reading the comments, and then spent the next 30 minutes looking at photos of Tibetan Mastiffs. [Note to self: stay away from articles which might lead you to google dogs’ pictures, […]

I’m back… And I’m here to stay

I have realised, looking back at my academic experience, that perhaps setting up a blog which forced me to write about subjects related to PR is one of the most enriching experience. So today, I sat there and wondered, what on Earth stops me from doing it now? The advantage I have when putting blog […]