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It’s not religion, it’s not nations, it’s individuals…

I’m Orthodox, therefore Christian, by birth and belief. I have a real hunger and passion for discovering new cultures, new traditions and so I’ve met Buddhists, opinionated Atheists, Protestants from various backgrounds and the list goes on. I’ve seen one single thing that parallels across all of these religious groups: it’s the individual who determined […]

How much good is bad and how much bad is good?

I’m watching a short clip filmed by someone in the tragic massacre in Kenya. In the attack, everyone is either standing still, dunking down whilst slowly moving away and just an odd few are running around. The gunshots are clearly heard in the vicinity, the terror transcends the screen of my computer. How would I […]

‘Having a degree in PR stands for nothing’, says a masters graduate in PR…

Maybe I’m being a bit of a pessimist or maybe I’ve just had enough experience of that to be able to say it clearly: Having a degree in PR stands for nothing in the world of business nowadays. But there’s hope… Or so I want to think. But here is my Harvard referenced opinion of […]