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It’s not religion, it’s not nations, it’s individuals…

I’m Orthodox, therefore Christian, by birth and belief. I have a real hunger and passion for discovering new cultures, new traditions and so I’ve met Buddhists, opinionated Atheists, Protestants from various backgrounds and the list goes on. I’ve seen one single thing that parallels across all of these religious groups: it’s the individual who determined the extent to which the belief they hold influences their decision. Some people are strong believers, others use their religious status to defend an action they have taken from time to time, but one thing is for sure, no two Orthodox people (or people belonging to any other religion at that) are the same; me and my mum don’t see things the same way, although we would both tick the same belief category on an Equality Employment Form.

The world is heading towards another wave of segregation and castigation of people based not on the colour of the skin as was the case in America a century ago, but based on one’s belief in the Islamic rite. An article like this proves my point, and I think I come from a neutral background that allows me to speak up on the matter. I have already expressed my anger at the horror that has taken place in the massacre in Kenya in a previous post but the issue here is that those individuals that have committed such horrors would have used other excuses if the one of religion was not available to them, and the Jihad was not a good enough case to use in the defence of the horrors committed. One should look at the manners in which the individuals should be castigated individually and not at how this reflects on the characteristics of people belonging to the same religious groups…

Massacres involving guns and leading to deaths have been the works of individuals who have been brought up in a Christian environment or who display signs of atheism or are just neutral on the matter (the Aurora shooting or Sandy Hook massacre are just a few examples I can offer now) but their religious beliefs were not outlined in such a clear manner when covering those stories. This shows a tendency to focus the attention on an aspect solely when that serves the purpose of proving a point, and that is fallacious in its nature.

I guess that’s all I had to say. I’m not even going to end this post with a poll or a question, it’s a personal view and you’ve been warned that there will be an odd few of them on this blog.


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