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The hunger that keeps you going

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but life is not about being liked, but about being needed. Take every opportunity to learn, like Ghandi once said: Live like you would die tomorrow and learn like you would live for eternity.

A friend once told me that if he wants life lessons, he learns from children, they are always blunt and honest. They don’t know how to hide feelings and lie for the ‘greater good’. They, indeed, have no notion of white lies . So learn from children how to be honest, but don’t stop there. In fact, never stop. If you can’t get to grips with the meaning of a certain word, go out of your way to discover all its underlinings. If a concept is not fully clear in your mind, try to find examples that will help you get a complete view of what the concept is referring to.

Everyone is different and there is no doubt that this is what gives the world its unique beauty. The way I understood complicated philosophical discourse is through exemplifying it in my mind. Not too long ago I had to write a paper on the existence of value, where it lies and how it can be evaluated. In order to see how Ancient Greek, social constructivist and modern philosophers have antagonised each others’ views in developing clear discourses about this subject, I used smoking as a social habit to understand it all. But as I said, everyone is different. So it’s important to know yourself as a learner before you embark on a journey of understanding the world.

And one more thing, the most famous people would tell you that they feel like they don’t know anything, because understanding the world is in continuous change and evolution is the first step towards becoming great.

Never stop, learning is an ongoing process that has no secret recipe. Never feel like you know enough, there is no such thing.


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