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Damned if you do, dammed if you don’t

Let me start by saying I never liked and never will like any of the Beckhams… I don’t think David is hot and I don’t see Posh as a good role model with her anorexic figure and all sorts. But from not liking them, to sanctioning what they do, even when that action is a charitable donation is taking things one step too far.

I was reading an article about their clothes and shoes donation to a charity in London, aimed at raising money for the victims of the Philippines typhoon. The article itself had a neutral, even slightly positive tone, but down below in the comments section hell broke loose. Everyone started accusing the family of the fact that they are publicity seeking phonies. Now, let’s think, the Beckham family is usually one that the newspaper would write anything about. If they felt the need to have some attention drawn to them, they could have simply gone to eat somewhere and the tabloids would have picked up on that.

Instead, they decided to do something different to raise money for the ones in need, something that they knew would have a great success. It’s nearly Christmas, the charity shop will sell the branded items for affordable prices, so people can buy some incredible items for Christmas whilst feeling good about the purchase also, because ultimately it helps the needy people. I can see three additional parties that benefit financially and/or morally from this action of Victoria and her family. Is the fact that an article was published about her and she got the publicity people think she thrives for the ultimate benefit of the whole situation? I’d say au contraire ….

But people will always condemn you, whether you do or you don’t do something, once you’re in the spotlight. But how about learning to be a bit more focused on what we, as individuals, can do to make things better in the world, rather than criticising what others have done for that purpose? At least now, near Christmas, let’s all learn to be a bit more tolerant, a lot less focused on the negatives and just happier.


One comment on “Damned if you do, dammed if you don’t

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