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Never underestimate the power of the Magic Trio

The world as we know it (in the PR and Marketing industry) is rapidly making a drastic change towards a digital era, where targeted e-mail campaigns, social media or webinars are taking over (and slowly killing) the more traditional promotional activities.
But one thing seems to be forgotten in this hype of becoming E-quipped with all the latest technological developments: traditional media still has a great role to play in communicating with large audiences about core issues.

A recent example of a campaign that has cleverly made use of traditional media (TV, radio and print, the former Magic Trio) is the “Be Clear On Cancer” campaign. With an increase of 700 people having discovered lung cancer at an early stage, compared to the previous year , the campaign has shown a great success rate. Although it didn’t use e-mail marketing with lead generation or engaging social media content, the campaign has definitely moved things forward from all standpoints that a campaign needs to touch upon (awareness, interest, desire and action, or, in short, AIDA). The lesson to be learned from here is that good and relevant content will generate good results, irrespective of the means used. To me, the issue lately is that marketers focus too much on tactics and too little on the strategy, they tend to spend generous amount of times thinking of the methods to get the word out there, not knowing what the word is they are trying to communicate in the first place. In this day’n’age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attain and retain one’s attention, particularly in today’s fast-paced environment and with all distractions brought in by the digital developments. Therefore, launching a campaign with an unclear message but a strategy that has a carefully developed digital marketing tactic and a great team behind, is nothing but a wild goose chase.

Public Health England is now considering re-running the “Be clear on Cancer” campaign next year, according to the article presented above. It remains to see if they will realise that the tactics used were of secondary importance to the strong message they had to send out. Also, it remains to see if the team behind the campaign will know how to utilise the success they’ve had this year to underline the need for check-ups in the year to come. And most of all, I really do hope they will use TV, radio and print to promote their up-and-coming campaign and will not be drawn in the Bermuda Triangle of social media, e-mail marketing and interactive webinars.


One comment on “Never underestimate the power of the Magic Trio

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