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New Year, New Panic

By now some would have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, others will be proud to have made it through the first full week of quitting smoking, going to the gym or getting very serious about a career change. But the reality is that January is one of the most difficult months for each of us for a million reasons: less money in the bank after the early December pay and winter holiday spending spree, reminiscing about the lovely parties and time spent with friends and family, the pressure of a new beginning and the need for a plan for the upcoming year. But the most difficult challenge is for the brands out there. With a New Year come new plans, as I mentioned, so one will seriously think of replacing the usual fatty dinners for more healthy ones, they’ll think twice before self-indulging in sweet treats… you get the picture. Most companies panic and think of a rebranding to suit the general January feel and trend.


To be able to change a brand’s products or image, you need a lot of time and resources over a short span of time, as January seems to be a trigger for everyone to instantly ditch their old habits for new, ‘better’ ones. The only issue with that, however, is the fact that, irrespective of the façade that many put up for the sake of answering their co-workers’ questions about their plans for 2014, by the end of January everyone is back to their old selves. There is a reason why we create habits, particularly those that are years’ old, it’s because our minds/bodies/souls have determined those particular behaviours as the ones that suit us best. So, if you’re thinking every single January that your business is in a financial ditch (unless you happen to own any fitness related products/facility, as the hype about this is at its peak) and you DEFINITELY need a quick and drastic change to retain and attain customers, sit back, take a breath and wait for a couple of weeks. There’s a reason why McDonalds/ KFC / Coca-Cola (cliché examples, but you get the point) haven’t gone out of business no matter how many 31st of December resolutions have been made every year: because those promises made to self are, more often than not, dust in the wind.

Example? After Christmas work-do, family dinners (which can sometimes impossible to get through) and the NYE party, one of the first resolutions that your body kind of forces you to make is: NO ALCOHOL IN JANUARY. It’s only a month, right? But then, after your first full week back at work, on Friday, after work, all you want is to meet up with your friends, over a glass of wine/a couple of cocktails, in a pub , for ‘happy hour’ and complain about how awful it is to go back into the whole routine of work. Whoever agrees, hands up, I hope to see you from the bar, where I’ll be spending the next few minutes deciding what cocktail to order. It’s Friday after all, January or not.. Cheers! 😉



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