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Kings and Queens should be back on the politics chess board

Now, let me give you an idea of how I think Americanization has led to the failure of the world as we know it today. A multitude of states, gathered under the name of United States of America gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1776. Since then, they slowly penetrated the rest of the world’s conscience as a sovereign over matters of political and economic aspects. The problem? Have you noticed the decline of European countries, past WWII? Yes, the wars had a lot to contribute; the technological revolution has changed the dynamics of power on a radical basis and yes, the socialist and communist system led to slow or stagnant technological advance and reduced prosperity in numerous nations. But I think the problem lies outside these aspects.


Think back to the 20th century for instance: a period characterized by political instability, geographical expansion of the British, Russian and German empire and all round military conflict. However, in parallel, art, medicine, technology and business was at its peak. There was a clear divide of power both inner and outer to the states across the world’s nations. I am making no allegation that the 20th century had only positives to think back to, but overall the divide of the society was more clear, with social classes identifiable, human rights violations in decrease (slavery was abolished mid-century in most countries) and all round evolution. Skip forward 100 odd years and you’re in today’s world, with massacres in schools led by frustrated adolescents, mass-murders in Syria with thousands of victims, economic interests that lead to self-destruction of the world order, etc. Not too long ago, someone asked me what I see as a solution to all the atrocities in the world? Well, here is the answer:

I think the secret to a better world lies in the political status quo of the 19th – 20th century, more explicitly monarchy. Why and how naturally follow as questions? To answer this in short, because democracy as we see it today exerted in most countries of the world is an American product. The same way the rest of the world refused to accept American football as a better sport than the traditional football, the non-American countries should completely oppose the idea that American democracy works as a magic political solution. European countries were at their peak when monarchy was the status quo in a wide majority of the states, then came the suppressive socialist political regimes and once a change was about to be made in Europe, countries have opted for an Americanization. By the end of the 20th century, America had over 5 decades to position itself in a good global position, whilst the former powers of the world were licking their wounds as a result of the second WW. Instead of looking for solutions within their historical success, European countries have accepted the sovereignty of US and their proposed political system. But if it works for US, it’s because, unlike other countries with a longstanding history of millenniums, who experienced times of prosperity under the reign of monarchy, they needed (and still need) a political system that is versatile for a conglomerate of individual states that can work together. This is not the case with Europe, and adopting the American way, just because burgers and McDonalds have worked just fine (or not, depending on what side of junk food debate you’re on) is not applicable in politics. So, whether it’s an old-fashioned, irrational idea or yet another one of my ratings or not, I declare myself a big fan of making the switch back to monarchy. And when I say monarchy, I don’t mean just having a façade royal family when the power is in the hands of a makeshift democratic government anyway (ran, of course, following the US model), I mean having decision makers of blue blood who are more interested in raising the global profile of the country they are in lead of. Over to you, on the matter of monarchy as a solution to the constant decline of European countries due to Americanization of political regime, I’m listening.


P.S.: If you want an example of countries that are successful by keeping their traditional political system, despite the apparent success of democratic American ways, just have a look at Arab countries, which are blooming and developing, because their rulers think of the country’s interest first and foremost, before thinking of their pockets.


One comment on “Kings and Queens should be back on the politics chess board

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