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When you have a plumbing issue, leave it to the plumber

Now, what would you say if a neighbour broke into your living room when you’re arguing with your wife, they would take your wife’s side and threaten that, unless you get out of your own house in 5 minutes, they’ll start shooting? This is exactly how I see Ukraine at the moment, the husband that’s trampled over by Russian troupes that threaten to start fire on the Ukrainian military defence in Crimea, which both parties agreed belongs to Ukraine as far back as 1994. Russia’s claim that 59% of the citizens in the peninsula are Russians and the military presence in the area is aimed at protecting the majoritarian ethnic group in the area is hard to contradict. However, why deny Ukrainians the right to the same action? Perhaps Ukraine felt threatened in its own region also, hence the army troops they’ve sent to Crimea. My most pressing question is, why threaten Ukraine that Russia will open fire unless the Ukrainian troops back down, when it is clear that Ukraine is legitimately defending its territory?


In addition to this, the G7 summit members, EU, US and UK have already expressed their utmost disagreement with Russia’s actions, issuing their political and economic threats to Russia in the event of any military action against Ukraine. Moreover, the G8 summit which was supposed to take place in Sochi in June, 2014 has been suspended because the UN does not grant Russia a participant status in the current state of affairs. What more can a nation require to understand that their actions are condemned on an international level?

Or, perhaps this is what every nation and international authority fails to understand: the more they are threatened, the more their currency is depreciating against the US dollar and Euro, the more Western European countries cancel contractual obligations with Russia and so on, the less Russia has to lose by going to war. No, the international community cannot possibly condone the military actions of Russia and no, the sovereignty of a state should not be violated in the fashion in which Ukraine has been treated, but additional threats to Russia will do nobody any good.

The reality is that Putin and his administration have a sense of pride which wins over rational arguments, international relations and future repercussions. The other important aspect is that the Western media is fuelling this conflict by promoting anti Soviet views (whether they are legitimate or not), which lead to citizens demanding and expecting a reaction from international authorities, the EU and UN response to the demands, the rumours from Ukraine are contradicted by the Russian authorities, the international community is trying to consider diplomatic solutions and so on and so forth… In this vicious circle there is an increasing panic spreading across the citizens of the world, who are getting ready for the 2nd Cold War or, in the worst case scenario, World War III. How about we leave the UN, EU, Russian Ministers of Affairs, Putin, Obama and co. to handle the situation, whilst we go on with our lives? The reason I am saying this is because if we keep poking at Russia’s pride with all the articles, we might just hear the first gunshot in Crimea. And then, the War is well on its way…



One comment on “When you have a plumbing issue, leave it to the plumber

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