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A little bit about what you can expect

This is a blog where everyone can indulge themselves to a series of entries about various issues, such as conflict management, issues management, crisis management, but here we call them : what went wrong and could have been improved. It’s just like a ‘shot’ of PR (if you allow the cheesy metaphor) : you down it in a split of a second but it can get you hooked on reading more and more. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Speaking of which, drink responsibly, but do overdose on my writing if you wish to do so..

WARNING: This a personal blog therefore my opinion will be strongly stated in some (well most) of the blog entries. All I wish from people reading these blog entries, whether they will contradict or agree with my opinion, is to voice their opinion, to start a debate, but within the limits of professionalism.

Other than that, A ROUND OF PR SHOTS FOR EVERYONE on me. Enjoy


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