Multiculturalism in the World of Business: an unavoidable reality

Whilst conducting a study around the issue of cross-culturalism and the extent to which working with colleagues from different countries (often via virtual means of communication) can affect the performance of a team, I uncovered some of the benefits and downsides of multiculturalism in the work environment. Unilateral, nationalistic business thinking is by far outdated, […]

When you have a plumbing issue, leave it to the plumber

Now, what would you say if a neighbour broke into your living room when you’re arguing with your wife, they would take your wife’s side and threaten that, unless you get out of your own house in 5 minutes, they’ll start shooting? This is exactly how I see Ukraine at the moment, the husband that’s trampled over by […]

Kings and Queens should be back on the politics chess board

Now, let me give you an idea of how I think Americanization has led to the failure of the world as we know it today. A multitude of states, gathered under the name of United States of America gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1776. Since then, they slowly penetrated the rest of the […]

New Year, New Panic

By now some would have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, others will be proud to have made it through the first full week of quitting smoking, going to the gym or getting very serious about a career change. But the reality is that January is one of the most difficult months for each […]

Never underestimate the power of the Magic Trio

The world as we know it (in the PR and Marketing industry) is rapidly making a drastic change towards a digital era, where targeted e-mail campaigns, social media or webinars are taking over (and slowly killing) the more traditional promotional activities. But one thing seems to be forgotten in this hype of becoming E-quipped with all […]

Damned if you do, dammed if you don’t

Let me start by saying I never liked and never will like any of the Beckhams… I don’t think David is hot and I don’t see Posh as a good role model with her anorexic figure and all sorts. But from not liking them, to sanctioning what they do, even when that action is a […]

The hunger that keeps you going

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but life is not about being liked, but about being needed. Take every opportunity to learn, like Ghandi once said: Live like you would die tomorrow and learn like you would live for eternity. A friend once told me that if he wants life lessons, he learns from children, they are […]