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New Year, New Panic

By now some would have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, others will be proud to have made it through the first full week of quitting smoking, going to the gym or getting very serious about a career change. But the reality is that January is one of the most difficult months for each […]

How much good is bad and how much bad is good?

I’m watching a short clip filmed by someone in the tragic massacre in Kenya. In the attack, everyone is either standing still, dunking down whilst slowly moving away and just an odd few are running around. The gunshots are clearly heard in the vicinity, the terror transcends the screen of my computer. How would I […]

Change = Conflict

We are all faced with conflict every day of our lives and learn conflict resolution techniques the hard way, by failing to reconcile with a friend or having an exhausting argument with the girl at the counter in Asda over the price of lettuce. But one of the things that will never fail to cause […]