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When you have a plumbing issue, leave it to the plumber

Now, what would you say if a neighbour broke into your living room when you’re arguing with your wife, they would take your wife’s side and threaten that, unless you get out of your own house in 5 minutes, they’ll start shooting? This is exactly how I see Ukraine at the moment, the husband that’s trampled over by […]

Middle way = GOLDEN way

From returning a faulty good you’ve purchased to the store through to managing to save your job, in spite of a mistake you have made, you need to know how to be ASSERTIVE. Maybe you have come across this word before or not, maybe you have enacted this behaviour before or not, but what is […]

Change = Conflict

We are all faced with conflict every day of our lives and learn conflict resolution techniques the hard way, by failing to reconcile with a friend or having an exhausting argument with the girl at the counter in Asda over the price of lettuce. But one of the things that will never fail to cause […]